A guide to millennial home buying with The Mortgage Quarterback

Across the globe, it appears that many millennials are facing an unlikely future of becoming a homeowner. Earlier this year the Guardian announced that one in three UK millennials will never own a home. However, fortunately, the situation appears to be less bleak across the pond in the USA. New statistics have actually found that millennials are now buying more homes than ever.

To get a better understanding of the current housing market and the mentality of millennial buyers we spoke with Jeff VanNote, the founder of The Mortgage Quarterback, and author of The Mortgage Playbook for Millennials.

What inspired you to create The Mortgage Quarterback?

I’ve always had a nickname growing up, in sports… and in my first year in the mortgage business (2008-2009) I was given the nickname THE CLOSER by one of the top realtors at the time in New York State for closing impossible deals in the Great Recession. The industry shifted to more education than sales and if you look up the definition of Quarterback it’s making sure the right people are in the right places to give the best chance to win, the leader of the team. I was quarterbacking clients with advice and their next move, as well as calling the plays for the bank. I thought it would bring fun to a boring industry and combine my sports background and intensity. I played Quarterback in football from the 7th grade to 10th grade.

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