The Mortgage Playbook
For Millennials

MY MISSION is very clear, and it is to educate consumers, specifically millennials, about today’s mortgage lending and real estate environment, in order to prevent a future collapse of the real estate market, financial market, and job market, last seen in 2008.

MY WHY for this book is very meaningful. I personally witnessed hundreds of people per year from 2008 until about 2012 lose their homes, destroy their credit, and have their families break apart due to financial hardships, more often than not, stemming from not being able to afford their high mortgage balance and loan repayment, inclusive of excessive household debt.

It is My personal belief that with the proper implementation of early mortgage and real estate education to High-school and college students, and even post college graduates, or anyone ever interested in owning real estate, the potential for another 2008-like multi market crisis can be significantly reduced, while having our future home owners make much more educated decisions and properly calculated risk.